Anxiety Counselling

While anxiety is a normal human emotion, it can sometimes begin to dominate our lives. Common symptoms include palpitations, rapid breathing, racing and negative thoughts, and sweating. When these symptoms start to interfere with daily functioning, it’s crucial to explore effective management strategies through therapy and understand the factors contributing to and exacerbating anxiety.

We believe in taking an eclectic approach, utilizing various therapeutic modalities such as CBT, ACT, and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to assist individuals in managing their anxiety and uncovering underlying causes that can be addressed. Prolonged anxiety can deplete the body’s energy reserves, making it challenging to carry out daily tasks, focus on work, and engage with others effectively.

Our Therapy Process

Remember, working on yourself in akin to getting on a journey. It takes time, effort and patience to work through your concerns and establish new and effective ways of thinking & responding to yourself & your environment.

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