Unlock Your Inner Power: Navigating Life's Challenges with I'M Powered Center For Counselling

Some refer to it as the survival instinct, others call it a ‘gut feeling’ or willpower. Whatever label it carries, there’s an innate drive within us that guides our understanding, motivates us to act according to what resonates with us, and urges us to confront challenges and make things right. This intrinsic power lies at the core of our being and self-exploration.

We’re dedicated to supporting you through life’s challenges, whether they impact your goals, relationships, or overall well-being, by helping you unearth your inner resilience.

A healthy mind fosters a healthy body. By acknowledging and embracing our innate abilities, we empower ourselves to grow and evolve.

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A Note from the Founder

Empowering Lives: Journeying Through Psychology with Damini Grover

Even before formally training as a psychologist, I naturally found myself drawn to interacting with people, offering guidance, and sharing insights to bring clarity and ease into their lives. This innate inclination led me to pursue Psychology as my academic and professional path. I graduated from the esteemed Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University with a degree in Psychology, followed by a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Amity University, Noida. As my journey in Psychology unfolded, my initial interest transformed into a profound passion. I dedicated myself to continuous learning and underwent various trainings to better serve clients and coachees from diverse backgrounds.

As a Heal Your Life Teacher & Coach, I firmly believe in the inherent potential within each individual to create a fulfilling and meaningful life. At ‘I’M Powered,’ my mission is to empower individuals to equip them with the necessary tools for growth. I firmly believe that we all possess the innate power to empower ourselves, which aligns with the vision and ethos of ‘I’m Powered’.


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