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Mental Health Issues Another Challenge Overworked Healthcare Workers Face

Gauri Gupta has been working for 14 hours daily at the emergency ward of a hospital in Dehradun as the surge in Covid-19 cases continues to increase the workload of doctors like her across the country.

Exclusive: Check out these expert tips for a healthy married life!

Today, Damini Grover, an Author and founder of I’m Powered – Center for Counseling & Well-being, Delhi tells us simple tips on how to enjoy a blissful married life.

Damini says that in the society we live in, fear has been put in the hearts of people that if there is no partner in life, then we will be left alone.

Struggling With Sleep? 5 Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

Think about all the factors that can interfere with a good night’s sleep — from work stress and family responsibilities to unexpected challenges, such as illnesses. It’s no wonder that quality sleep is sometimes elusive.


Supporting Employee Well-Being: The Key To Enhancing Productivity

The ongoing pandemic has led to a major reshuffle in our lives in more ways than we realise. Along with posing an enormous health challenge, it has also created huge ripples in the area of mental health as well.

Spiritual Award Leader 2020

Learning To Self Soothe

Conscious living is the need of the hour.

The world has changed and how. In the post-pandemic world, a greater emphasis is now being placed on slow, conscious living i.e living simply with purpose.

Valentine's Day special: How To Know If You've Found The One, Psychologist Explains!

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! Yes, relationships are fun and exciting, but they can also get complicated and messy which is why it’s important to keep self-reflecting when you are in one or looking for one.

Most Dedicated Counselling Psychologist (India): Damini Grover

Counselling Psychologist, Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Teacher & Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence & Psycho-Geometrics Facilitator, Writer at the Elephant Journal & Author of The Intentional Being.

Emotionally Qualitative Parenting

Parenting is tough. It’s demanding, exhaust-ing, confusing yet fulfilling. From the moment a tiny life enters the world of two connected individuals, their identity changes.From then on, it’s about another ….