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The secrets to a healthy relationship


Improve your communication, Explore your personal values and understand your boundaries.

Date: 6th August 2022
Time: 04PM – 06PM (IST)

13+ Years Experience

Live & Recorded Sessions

Certified Counselling Psychologist

This Workshop Will Help You To-

Understanding the meaning of relationships.

Understanding why do we need relationships.

Difference between healthy & unhealthy relationships.

Key factors that impact the health of a relationship.

Understand the importance of self- awareness & acceptance in relationships.


This Workshop Is For You...

You want to understand more about relationships.

Want to learn the essentials that make a relationship work.

Want to gain clarity about your own relationship.

Are interested in your own personal growth & development.

What Will You Learn:

Explore the meaning of relationships.

Understand the value of relationships.

Understand how to balance your self and your relationships.

Discover the key factors that are important for the health of a relationship.

Identify if your relationships are healthy or unhealthy.

Know your Facilitator

Counselling Psychologist, Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Teacher & Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence & Psycho-Geometrics Facilitator, Writer at the Elephant Journal & Author of The Intentional Being.

As a trained professional, I am driven by my passion to bring about positive change & encourage holistic well-being in the lives of individuals. As an eclectic Therapist & Life Coach, I endeavour to enable my clients develop the necessary mindset & skills that would empower them to lead more fulfilling lives

What I Do?

I enable clients to explore & understand their :
- Current situation & concerns.
- Factors affecting the situation.
- Goals and Visions.
Set Goals
I enable them to set :
-Emotional & behavioural goals that they would like to achieve for themselves.
-Support them in overcoming obstacles that are or might come in their way.
Generate Insights
I enable to them get an insight into:
- Their own thoughts, emotional and behavioral patterns that they can improve or change to improve their quality of mental and emotional life.
Facilitate Change
I support and enable clients in their journey towards a healthier and happier life by facilitating meaningful change through various tools and techniques.

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