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Love Yourself, Heal Your Life


Heal Your Life
Two Day Workshop

Based on the life- changing philosophy of Louise Hay. Authorised by Hay House Inc. and approved by Louise L. Hay.

Date: 10th-11th December 2022 (in person workshop)
Time: 10AM – 05:30PM (IST)
Venue: H6FM+83R, Block C, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

13+ Years Experience

Live Sessions

Certified Counselling Psychologist

How will this workshop benefit you-

This powerful, life changing workshop, helps you change your limiting beliefs, drop past baggage, and experience greater self-love, fulfilling relationships, prosperity, emotional growth and much more!

You get to spend the most incredible 2 days of your life with amazing like-minded people, bringing positive changes into their lives! You will have lots of "aha" moments and will go home armed with practical tools and techniques that will help you to respond to situations in your life more positively.

Our small group size provides an excellent environment for learning and, at the end of the workshop you get to be a part of our ever growing tribe!

This Workshop Is For You...

If you want to uncover hidden beliefs that hold you back

Get 'unstuck' from limiting past experiences

Overcome negative thought cycle and mental fatigue

Release negative emotions that block you

Explore mind-body connection

Discover new powerful ways of thinking

What Will You Learn:

Connect with your inner child

Stop self-criticism

Learn ways to love yourself more

Understand how to use affirmations to get more of what you want from life

Know your Facilitator

Counselling Psychologist, Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Teacher & Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence & Psycho-Geometrics Facilitator, Writer at the Elephant Journal & Author of The Intentional Being.

As a trained professional, I am driven by my passion to bring about positive change & encourage holistic well-being in the lives of individuals. As an eclectic Therapist & Life Coach, I endeavour to enable my clients develop the necessary mindset & skills that would empower them to lead more fulfilling lives

What I Do?

I enable clients to explore & understand their :
- Current situation & concerns.
- Factors affecting the situation.
- Goals and Visions.
Set Goals
I enable them to set :
-Emotional & behavioural goals that they would like to achieve for themselves.
-Support them in overcoming obstacles that are or might come in their way.
Generate Insights
I enable to them get an insight into:
- Their own thoughts, emotional and behavioral patterns that they can improve or change to improve their quality of mental and emotional life.
Facilitate Change
I support and enable clients in their journey towards a healthier and happier life by facilitating meaningful change through various tools and techniques.

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