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Teenage Transition Counselling » Damini Grover

Teenage Transition Counselling

The transition into and through teenage is not easy. You suddenly start to look different, feel different, perceive differently and somehow also behave differently. Your brain is steadily being rewired, and there is a constant change happening in your life. I understand this dilemma of change and am aware that it may become overwhelming at times to handle it. Therefore, through counselling, I can help you solve, understand and bolt out any issue, be it academic, relationship, general feeling out of the blues, sexual, future plans, goals, desires or beyond.

During counselling, you can vent all you want without the fear of being judged or suppressed. It can help you learn and understand more about yourself, helping you normalise and de-stigmatize feelings and dilemmas; what matters is your unique way of dealing with the situations. Without giving any second thought, you could talk freely.