How To Manage Emotions Effectively

“Emotions – What do I do with them?”

This is a question that so many individuals grapple with! Some common problems that we face when dealing with our emotions are:

  1. We’re not aware of how we’re feeling
  2. We don’t know what to with them because we lack coping strategies
  3. We’re only focussed on feeling the ‘good’ emotions and running away from the ‘bad’, ‘heavy’, ‘unpleasant’ ones.
In fact, research indicates that we will do anything not to feel our feelings. Especially the difficult ones! A series of studies, over the past few years, show that our inability to manage difficult emotions is the No 1 cause for lower immunity, recurring ailments, chronic dissatisfaction and relationship problems, both at work and home.

That is why we need to develop our emotional intelligence i.e ability to recognise, understand and manage our emotions.

Join me in this Masterclass on How to Manage Emotions Effectively where you will:

  1. Understand about emotions and emotional intelligence
  2. Learn why some emotions tend to be difficult
  3. Strategies to handle emotions effectively

Date : 29th June 2024

Time : 4-5.30pm

On zoom

INR : Rs.1999


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