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How To Deal With Change

Change is the only thing that can’t be changed! Yet why is it difficult for most people to joyfully embrace change? Did you know that we tend to resist change, as most of us don’t know how to manage the emotional anxiety caused by the prospect of change?

When change is forced upon us, and we struggle to stay afloat, it actually offers an amazing opportunity to look inside of us and build the necessary skills to thrive in change.

This is exactly why we created an incredibly insightful webinar on How To Deal With Change – Your Ultimate Guide To Thrive In Change.

Here’s a reminder of when the webinar will take place. Hope to see you there!

How To Deal With Change_________

This webinar will focus on building your emotional resilience and will cover:

 Why do we psychologically resist change?

 Quick assessment of your current ‘change readiness’ levels

 The cycle of resistance to personal change

 3 change-resistance factors that keep you trapped in the past

 Powerful Strategies to support yourself through change




---------- PM (IST)


Online Zoom Webinar

Know your Facilitator _________

Ms. Damini Grover

Counselling Psychologist, Master Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Teacher & Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence & Psycho-Geometrics Facilitator, Writer at the Elephant Journal & Author of The Intentional Being.

As a trained professional, I am driven by my passion to bring about positive change & encourage holistic well-being in the lives of individuals. As an eclectic Therapist & Life Coach, I endeavour to enable my clients develop the necessary mindset & skills that would empower them to lead more fulfilling lives.

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Dates: ——– 2023

Time: ———- PM IST

Venue: Online Zoom Webinar

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