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Gottman Couples Workshop _________

Create Greater Love In Your Relationship

Do you have difficulty communicating and understanding each other? Are you stuck, arguing in circles about the same issues? Or, are you in a good relationship and would like to make it even better?

This workshop, based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman has strengthened the relationships of thousands of couples across the world.

Here is a fact: Good relationships don’t just build themselves, and problems don’t just go away. Research shows that on an average, couples wait six years from the first sign of problems before they seek help. And by that time a lot of negative emotions get in the way of repair and recovery of the relationship.

For over 30 years, award-winning therapist Dr. John Gottman studied and analyzed the habits of couples that had difficult relationships and couples that had exceptional relationships. And through his research he discovered the 7 core pillars that makes relationships work. This information is pure gold!

In this 2 day in-person workshop designed for couples in relationships, you receive amazing tools and techniques to make your relationship healthier and happier. You also understand the research behind what makes healthy relationships, versus what makes relationships deteriorate and ultimately fail.

You will learn skills in four key relationship areas:

(1) Managing Conflicts
(2) Strengthening Friendship & Intimacy
(3) Repairing Relationships & Building Trust
(4) Creating A Sense Of Shared Purpose

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Sneha Shah - Founder ISRA _________

Relationship Insights As A Couples Therapist

Over time, I have worked with numerous couples and witnessed the unique journey of each couple, as they navigated through the challenges of their relationship.

I have watched their struggles, seen their enormous courage, handled their frustrations, taught them skills, kindled their compassion, and celebrated their small and big achievements. It’s been a very fulfilling journey.

As a couple’s therapist, many people ask me what are my 3 important insights about love and relationships. So here it is,

#1. There’s no such thing as a perfect partner

There is no such thing as the perfect partner. They don’t simply exist. You can spend a lifetime trying to the find the perfect mate, and yet fall short. Here is why – we have been erroneously fed with impossible fairy-tales of what perfect partners need to be like. It is far easier to have a romantic dream of finding that person who will complete your life, rather than to imagine a relationship that involves time, energy, and investment.

This myth of the ‘perfect partner’, often causes us to have unrealistic expectations of others (and often of ourselves, too) which can lead to a great deal of emotional pain in and out of relationships.

#2. Healthy relationships require constant, conscious effort

The thing is, real relationships are not always easy. In fact, they can be excruciatingly hard at times.

What seems like the perfect relationship, filled with love and tons of picture-perfect photos (often on social media), is still ridden with conflict. Conflict is normal. I think the difference between “perfect” relationships and those that fail, is how the difficult times are handled.

In my experience, every successful relationship has two people, who are willing to put in the work. And that is what makes all the difference!

#3. 69% of your problems won’t be solved. They can only be managed

According to research carried out over two decades by The Gottman Institute, 69% of all conflicts experienced in relationships are ‘perpetual’. Which means that they are bound to arise again and again, due the fundamental differences in our personality. Have you noticed that you and partner fight about the same things over and over again?

The idea is not to ‘solve’ these kind of problems, but learn how to talk about them without inflicting pain or damaging the relationship.

I hope this is helpful, no matter where you are in your own relationship journey.

Two day in-person workshop _________

What Will You Learn?

In this two day in-person workshop, you will learn and practice:

  • Skills for managing conflicts constructively
  • Take assessments to check the level of friendship, fondness and admiration
  • Get introduced to 4 destructive patterns and their antidotes
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world
  • Enhance connection and intimacy
  • Creating a couples sense of shared meaning
  • Maintaining gains throughout lifetime
Based on extensive research and data _________

The Gottman Method

This workshop, is based on the four decades of acclaimed research by Dr. John Gottman, which was published in their New York Times Bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, amongst many others.

Dr. John Gottman, is a world renowned researcher and therapist in relationship stability. He is recognised as “one of the top 10 Most Influential Therapists.

Dr. Gottman also lays claim to the ability to be able to detect with 91% accuracy, which couples will divorce and which will stay together.

It is our hope, that whether you have been married for 30 years or whether you are newly committed, this workshop will equip you and your partner, with the skills and tools that research has shown us, makes relationships work.

Based upon Dr. Gottman’s four decades of research with thousands of couples, our couples workshops strengthen happy relationships and repair distressed ones

Based on extensive research and data _________

The Gottman Method

Who Can Attend

Couples that would benefit from this workshop:

  • Dating
  • Pre-engaged
  • Engaged
  • Whether you are just married, or have spent 50 years together (newlyweds to seniors)
  • Those who wish to enhance a good marriage/partnership
  • Those who wish to gain better conflict management skills
  • Same gender couples

Who Can NOT Attend

  • Those with severe relationship distress
  • Those undergoing trial separation
  • Those with significant emotional or physical abuse
  • Those with addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Those with serious mental health problems

**Please Note: The focus of this workshop is to make the relationship stronger, hence both the partners need to be mentally prepared to add value to their relationship.


10th & 11th December Weekend


10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (IST)


Holiday Inn Mumbai 5 mins from Terminal 2

Level 3 Trained in 2013 from United States _________

Sneha Shah

Sneha Shah is Level 3 Gottman Trained In 2013, From United States. She is also trained in the “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”.

Sneha has successfully coached numerous couples across the world.

She is a Consulting Psychologist with a double major in Psychology. She has a burning desire for initiating transformations and driving change. Her strength lies in her ability to work at deep mindset level and create sustained, positive shifts.

She has received immense recognition for doing path-breaking workshops in companies across the world, at all levels of management. She has offered workshops for more than 50 companies, in over 10 countries, for participants representing over 40 countries.

She is certified in several psychometric tools and assessments like Emotional Intelligence Profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, Psycho- Geometrics® , Action Centered Leadership, Coach U, Somatic Coaching and many others. Sneha is one of the 12 certified Master Trainers for Heal Your Life U.S.A.,

ISRA Director _________

Shashank Gupta

Shashank Gupta is a qualified Engineer with a Masters in Business. He can be aptly described at the driving force behind ISRA’s global vision. He seamlessly merges content with technology to create a rich learning experience for people.

He excels in his ability to help people overcome limiting beliefs and manage negative triggers. Using simple and practical tools, he helps people achieve and sustain positive behavioral change.

He is globally known for his programs on Conflict Resolution, Critical Conversations, Communicating Despite Differences, & powerful Train-The-Trainer Programs.

He is a qualified Coach from Coach U – USA, a Belbin Team Role Assessment Specialist, Psycho-Geometrics® Certified Master Facilitator and many more. He is also a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, U.S.A.

Shashank has conducted workshops, and trained facilitators from over 40 countries. He has facilitated several train the trainer programs on ‘Leading With Heart & Mind’ across the world.

He is a technology geek, music lover, a passionate traveller and calls himself a rebel with a cause.

Based on extensive research and data _________

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Dates: 10 & 11 December (Weekend)

Time: 10 AM – 6 PM IST (Both Days)

Venue: Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport (5 mins from Terminal 2) Sakinaka, Junction, Andheri – Kurla Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072- Google Map

Questions? Email: info@isra.co.in

Including certificate of participation, training material, breakfast, lunch & high-tea *This purchase is non refundable / non transferable

Investment: INR. 10,900/- per person for registration by 7 December 2022 (Wednesday)

INR. 11,900/- per person for registration after 7 December 2022

Note: You can only attend this workshop as a couple. So the fees will be charged for 2 participants.(INR 10,900 * 2 persons)