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Counselling for Parents of Teenagers » Damini Grover

Counselling for Parents of Teenagers

Teenage could be as tricky and challenging for the parents as it is for their children. During the teen years of your child, you will realize that your equation with your children has taken a sudden turn. Sometimes handling this new equation will come easily to you, while other times, you may feel scared and confused. There will be even times when things will go wrong from your end, times when you will feel helpless, and times when a feeling of guilt will trigger up. But, you don't need to worry about it because along with your kids, you are also in the process of growth, evolution and discovery.

If you want some support in understanding the teenage psyche or want to discuss the ongoing changes in your life, I can help you with them. Being a professional consultant who understands the hardships and anxieties of this crucial stage of life, I can provide you with non-judgmental, objective advice to strengthen your relationship and solve the issues you face with your so-called grown-ups.