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Rising Above Depression

Depression can be challenging for people to understand. Often, people suffering from depression seem to carry out their daily lives as usual. Many a times, depression can go unrecognised & is often mistaken for procrastination, laziness etc

Depression can be triggered by severe stress or an extremely difficult life event such as death of a loved one, ending of a relationship, chronic family or work stress .

Sometimes even the most basic activities like getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing can seem impossible. The inability to take charge of your own life can often leave you feeling alone, helpless & hopeless.

I can help you identify, understand, resolve the challenges that contribute to your depression. Through Counselling, Therapy & Coaching I can help you to explore the factors that contribute or aggravate your depression, move to healthier patterns of thinking & emotion regulation. Therefore, improving your overall quality of life.

Even though, reaching out for help may seem extremely tough; sometimes it’s the most important one.