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Chronic Emptiness: 9 Signs You’re Emotionally Deprived.

All I want is someone to hold me tight, And tell me that it’s going to be alright. All I want is for someone to hold my hand and walk me through. Give me a little nudge to take that step, When I’m too afraid to. All I wish for is someone who would be

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How Unresolved Childhood Trauma is Affecting our Adult Relationships.

In an adult relationship, there are usually four people in a relationship with each other: two adults and the inner child each carry within. The quality of the relationship that the individuals share with each other is immensely impacted by the extent to which they have been able to hold, nurture, and heal their inner child within

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The Most Underrated Emotion: Happiness.

Our entire life revolves around searching, seeking, and finding that one thing that not only lives within us, but we also have the power to create: happiness. Joy is the pathway to happiness. As Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.” The happiness that we search for is within. It’s only waiting for an open

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Why We keep Falling in Love with Emotionally Unavailable Partners.

Most of us enter relationships with a void—a blank space—hoping, wishing, expecting, and even being told that someone else is going to fill that for us. And we don’t even realise that these ideas—that someone will complete us or is our better half, or being asked the perennial question, “What will we do without a

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