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October 2022 » Damini Grover

Coming Home to Emptiness: The Most Important Thing we Need to Heal.

Having gone through my own turbulent journey and supported hundreds of souls in theirs, I know all too well that while our healing is our responsibility, it can be an extremely lonely space.

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8 Things Only Those Who’ve Experienced Trauma Can Understand

It’s a small word that carries the weight of an entire existence. Do I need to say more? Explain? Elaborate? What do I really write about it? Perhaps that it’s not a mere subjective experience but an experience that can wreck your world in ways that even you don’t realise.

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7 Reasons Why We Need To Travel With Our Own Self

There is something both scary and liberating about stepping out of your comfort zone. Stepping into the unknown (no matter how much you’re prepared), always brings with it some surprise. There will always be something that you wouldn’t be able to plan for or pre-empt. Well, that’s why it’s not your comfort zone!

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The Biggest Sign of Lack of Self-Love (& How to Fix it).

At some point, we’ve all struggled with our motivation and discipline levels and may have found ourselves lamenting over the fact that we know we have important things to do, like work on our health or fill out that big application form, and we just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it.

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7 Reasons You Still Haven’t Moved On from your Past Relationship.

The end of a relationship usually brings with it a lot of things—pain, anguish, emptiness, anger, confusion, sadness, and the expectation that we should be able to move on as soon as possible.

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