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September 2022 » Damini Grover

6 Ways to wriggle out of the grip of Meaninglessness

“Life has meaning only if you do something that is meaningful to you.”-Anonymous Some days life doesn’t make sense to me. I wake up feeling utterly useless and on those days nothing seems to make sense. I have this looming voice in my head that keeps asking me , “What’s the point?”. Earlier I would

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7 Reasons You’re Not Being Able to Move On From Your Past Relationship

Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us, even if it’s killing us to let go.” ~ Unknown The end of a relationship usually brings with it a lot of things—pain, anguish, emptiness, anger, confusion, sadness, and the expectation that we should be able to move on from it as soon as possible.

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Co-Regulation : The Most Important Thing We Need in Our Healing Journey

If there is one emotion that I understand all too well, it’s loneliness. Having gone through my own turbulent journey and supported hundreds of souls in theirs, I know all too well that while our healing is our responsibility; it can be an extremely lonely space.

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