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August 2022 » Damini Grover

Lack of Self- Discipline: The Biggest Sign of Lack Of Self-Love.

We all at some point or the other have struggled with our motivation and discipline levels and may have found ourselves lamenting over the fact that we know, that we have these really important things to do, like work on our health or fill out that big application form and we just can’t seem to

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4 Things your Burnout is Telling You to Do.

Last week when I wrote about slowing down, I realized that the first person who needed to slow down was me.

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3 Louise Hay Affirmations for when we are Gripped by our Deeper Existential Fears.

We all have some kind of fear. Sometimes, it’s one overarching fear; other times, there are more than one. While experiencing fear is completely normal and human, being driven by it is another story.

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8 Signs We’re Not in Alignment with our Soul’s Ultimate Purpose.

Self-alignment seems like the most obvious act we all can do for ourselves to be able to lead the quality of life that, deep down, we know we need to.

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The Power in You: A Poem for When we Feel Down & Stuck.

Some days we feel like we have it all together; on other days, we struggle to find ourselves, our motivation, and sense of purpose. On some days, the world looks bright and shiny and things seem perfectly aligned. Yet, on others, everything seems out of control, misaligned, without having the slightest clue how to go

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8 Quotes for When You Feel Low on Self-Love.

There are days when you just slump. All the things that are important for you to be mindful of on your journey to self-love and acceptance simply lie scattered in front of you, and you just stare at them.

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