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June 2022 » Damini Grover

The #1 Gift that You Can Give Someone In a Relationship

“Even if one person is unhappy, their unhappiness will trickle down to the other person and eventually impact the entire relationship.So then, what does it really take to build & sustain such a relationship?”

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4 Things Your Burn Out is Telling You To Do

Last week when I wrote about slowing down, I realized that the first person who needed to slow down was me! With a lot happening in the personal &  professional front, I was close to a major burn out and I desperately needed to slow everything down. 

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8 Ways we Avoid our Emotions (Plus: A Billy Joel Song to Remind us to Slow Down).

Handling our emotions can be a tough job for most of us. While we are comfortable with the ones that feel good, the ones that come with some amount of discomfort have us running for the hills. We’re constantly trying to move away from or push them down because they come with the quality of

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8 Signs You Believe that You’re Not Good Enough & How to Move to Being Enough.

We’ve often heard that we create our own reality and I grappled with this for the longest time because it made me think that I am responsible for all the bad things that happen to me. It’s only when I studied, experienced, witnessed more in life that I realized, that it is true but not

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