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May 2022 » Damini Grover

Emotional Breakdowns: What it Really Means when we Feel like Breaking.

A few years ago, I lost someone who was dear to my heart. Even though I was always prepared for it or I thought I was born with the understanding and acceptance that any day could be the end, when it finally arrived, I think I handled myself pretty well. I mean, I could always

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10 Things to keep in mind when you’re “Feeling Stuck” with Things You Can’t Control.

We hope and wish for something, but we’re given something else entirely, and we’re left wondering what to do about it. For some of us, our entire life has been about making sense of everything that seemed and was out of our control. 

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9 Signs You’re Experiencing Emotional Neglect & It’s time to Step Out of It

Sometimes what’s even more painful than what’s happening with us, is what’s not happening with us. It’s not about the presence of something that gnaws at us; rather the absence of that one thing that we needed or need the most – emotional comfort & holding.

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