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April 2022 » Damini Grover

7 Powerful Principles for Self-Growth & Change.

I wrote these lines in one of my previous articles, and since then, I’ve been feeling that something is amiss. While it’s true that we do change and transform when we experience certain events, situations, or encounter people who are able to evoke a strong emotion within us and shift our energies, it’s not enough.

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11 Rumi Quotes to Remember on the Days we Feel Sad. {Bonus: 3 Verses}

I love Rumi and all his work that I have come across. There is profound wisdom hidden in every word, quote, and verse he ever wrote. For every phase of life, there is a gem he always offers that eventually becomes our guiding light and gives us solace in that moment.

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Building Bridges, Not Walls: How to Mindfully Manage Conflict in Relationships

Misunderstanding, miscommunication, and conflict are inevitable in a relationship. While they cause a lot of stress and agony for the ones in a relationship, they can also be a vital source for bridging the gap, coming closer to the other person, and stepping into their world.

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