This world that I seek,
Is merely an illusion...
A candid reflection, of who I am,
And who I want to be...
What our clients say
  • Ms.N.Sehgal,I.T Professional
    " Damini is a true professional.Her approach towards giving solution to the problem is commendable.I started noticing the change in me after few sessions only.She is really dedicated towards her work snd keeps regular check on her patient.Her hypnosis technique worked wonderfully for me.Best part about her treatment is ,it is totally based on hypnosis.I never took any medicine.I recommend her to every one who is suffering from sleep disorder,depression and anxiety."
  • Ms.P.Khanna,Student
    " a big thumbs up to Dr. Damini. I visited her to for my depression. Sessions given by her are really helpful for me and i feel much better now."
  • Ms.Y.Singh,Flight Attendant
    " Damini helped me in all perspectives,even did more than her role.She is really nice and friendly and you can tell her each and every bit.The sessions came very positive and motivating.I recommend her to everyone who's facing trouble in life."
  • Ms.Poonam,Beauty Advisor
    " As far as doctors are concerned,my experience with Ms. Damini has been the best so far.I came to her when my anxiety level was at 10/10 and now after a few sessions,it has come down drastically.She explains things in a very clear and good way and I like the fact that she has a step by step approach towards issues.She addressed all my concerns and put me at ease.I feel much more relaxed and confident now."
  • Titil Bhattacharya, Merchandiser
    " Advaitya - One of my finest memories of a true professional organization. Damini Grover, my counsellor , a true spirit who only thinks about the patient as her own. She is some one who you can count on , at absolutely any hour or time or situation. Even though she is not very old, her understanding of situations is just unbelievable. Her perfection is just so apt and her ability to deal with any situation or circumstance is what I feel, her USP. Couldn't have ever found some one better ! "
  • Ms. K. Bahl
    "Damini is one of the wonderful person, I have ever met in my whole life. I met her when I was depressed,all broken in life. She helped me a lot during my worse times. Shes full of positive energy. When I started going there for the sessions 50% of my problems were resolved by looking at her face and how positive and happy she is.
    She is awesome, I would always be thankful to her, for whatever she has done for me.
  • Ms.A. Gupta, Student Counselor
    " Counselling comes naturally to Damini. All the sessions that I had with her, not even once did I feel uncomfortable or out of my comfort zone. I could share all my feelings with her without any doubt and at the end was able to take my own decisions.I also had tarot reading sessions with her, where I got some insight and direction for my future course of action. Her reading was quite accurate and disclosed what my stressors were. My questions got answered with reasonable suggestions."
  • Ms. Mariya Syed,Language Trainer
    " I have had chart readings many times over the years, but my reading with Damini was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. She’s intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. Her understanding of the stars, plus her keen intuition is like a therapy. She did my reading when I was in the middle of changing jobs, I had two options in hand and both of them looked promising. In just one reading, my perspective was blown open and so much was explained. I was left with a deep sense of peace. Based on her reading, I chose the option which she suggested to be the best one and I am glad to have made that choice as I am happy and satisfied with my work. I have completed 16 months with the employer and undoubtedly there are many more years to go."
  • Ms. Apoorva Verma-Owner of Stellar Tots Pre School
    " I was extremely satisfied and impressed with her work ethic. The amount of patience and comfort she showed towards my student's parent was very well appreciated. She was kind enough to give a detailed prognosis in simple words that better helped the situation."
  • Mr. Ashok Gupta, Businessman
    " My wife and I were under a lot of distress due to some family problems.My wife's health was suffering and I too was very disturbed.On the advice of our physician,we visited Ms.Damini for counseling.She spent a lot of time with us,made us comfortable.We were able to share our problems and concerns with her.She offered us some suggestions and possible solutions which we implemented.And after our session with her,we are very much at ease.We felt better.For a long time,I kept thinking about the session and I felt we had come to the right place."
  • M. Mehra
    " I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and it was a shock for me. After discovering that i have diabetes i started thinking that anything can happen to me now and i became more and more negative. Slowly i started losing interest in the all the things i liked. I couldn’t sleep. Then after some time i started to experience panic attacks. I often had feeling of sadness and depression. I finally took a call and consulted Ms. Damini Grover. She enabled me to explore what was happening to me after studying my behavior and helped change my thinking."
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